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Leading Foot and Ankle Surgeons and Specialists

We are a collective of research-minded foot and ankle surgeons and specialists with a strong interest in and focus on medical research. We are exploring foot and ankle injuries and treatments. We practice medicine and teach at some of the world's leading medical facilities and institutions.

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Partner with Our Research

Partner with Our Foot and Ankle Research Project

As we coordinate a multi-center arthroscopic study of ankle and foot, our leading surgeons are eager to partner with companies, organizations and individuals to drive forward with our leading medical research.

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Foot and Ankle X-Ray

Support the MASTAF Study Group's Research

As part of the MASTAF Study Group, we are looking to find answers to difficult questions related to the surgical treatment of patients with ankle and foot injuries.

A variety of studies will be conducted within this MASTAF project, as hundreds of data points are being collected. The ability to bring data together from multiple centers empowers our group study to make conclusions that a single surgeon experience cannot produce.

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